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Alpine Club's Alpine Ski Program

Alpine Ski School 2022

Welcome to the Alpine Club's Alpine Ski Program
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AKS is an alpine club that focuses on training and competitive alpine skiing. As a part of recruiting children and young people, we organize Alpine Ski school. It is not a requirement to go into a racing or free ski training group after finishing the initial training in the Alpine Ski school, but it is of course great fun if this happens, and you will have good skiing skills already.

AKS owns and operates the Alpine ski facility in Klutmark, largely through non-profit efforts by its members. We have therefore chosen to have a low fee for our ski school, but we would like you to commit to volunteer for a day shift in Klutmark, either in our lift or in our cafeteria. A shift is either on Saturdays or a Sundays. In your registration you indicate when you can volunteer. The shift must be completed by the end of February. An introduction to the cafeteria and lift will be given at the start of the ski school.

The Ski School consists of three occasions with about 10 hours of teaching. For the 2021/22 season the first group is:
Saturdays from 9:00 to 12:00 on 15/1, 22/1 and 29/1.
And the second Group is:
Saturdays from 09:00 to 12:00 on 5/2, 12/2 and 19/2,

After the slalom school you can continue in one of our training groups for the rest of the season free of charge. If you choose to do this, we expect you to work another shift in Klutmark. It should be added that it is usually a nice experience to be out in Klutmark, many families make this a family trip where the children can ski while a parent works.

Registration for the Alpine Slalom School is made via the form below. After feedback from the office via e-mail, payment is made to our PG or via Swish. Once we have received the payment, we confirm a place in the ski school. The number of spots is limited, and we will announce via the website when the ski school is full.
The sign up is binding.

Info about the groups:

The child should be about 6-7 years old but as we all know, the child can have the motor skills be ready for ski school earlier so therefore the ages can fluctuate. The skiing habit can be great in a five-year-old as well as it can be not as great in an 8-year-old.

We will therefore divide the students into different groups depending on the ski experience and therefore it is important that you fill out what color in your registration.

Green: For those who are beginners and who have not tried to ski on the slopes. We learn to ride the children's lift, to start skiing, stop and plow turn.

Blue: For those who have tried skiing on their own and who have tried to use the lift yourself. We also try the big lift. We work to get better at skiing, stop and plow turn even at slightly higher speeds.

If you can ride the lift and already know the easier turns such as plow turn but also a little parallel turn, we recommend that you sign up for our training group Race Carve. Read more during training/competition.

1100 SEK per child. Includes a family membership (value 500 SEK), insurance during class time and an annual pass in Klutmark for the child. If you are already members, the slalom school costs only SEK 600. Through the membership, the rest of the family can buy a discounted annual pass in Klutmark for SEK 550 per person, the regular price is SEK 1500.

How to sign up;
Fill in the desired information in the form below. There you add requests for what kind of shift you can volunteer, lift or cafeteria, on a Saturday or a Sunday.

Once you have registered your registration in the form, you will pay to PG 483041-0 or Swish: 1231324540

When we have received your payment, you will receive an email confirming your place in the slalom school. If you are unsure that the payment has been received, please contact AKS Office for more information. Closer to the start of the slalom school, we will come out with more detailed information about the slalom school and suggestions for shifts in Klutmark

Contact the office at This is a mailto link if you have questions!
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